Full 360 Mobile Usability Lab

Full 360 Mobile Usability Lab


To work in alignment with the innovation team to create the first mobile usability lab for user testing in Transamerica and put it into use. 

My Role

  1. Create a remote testing lab

  2. Set up the the testing lab

  3. Assist the Innovation team

  4. Facilitate the testing sessions

  5. Observe users

Team Involved
UX Designer | Moderator | Innovation leads | Stakeholders | Edge Research

Tools & Technology
Please refer to my blog post here


Building the Lab/Experimentation
The images below show the initial experimentation phase and how I was trying to figure out the best use of technology based on mobility. The idea here was to be able to travel anywhere in the US with the equipment I bought to do mobile testing. 


Los Angeles to Baltimore: Observation research facility
The gallery below takes you through a visual journey of my 2 day mobile research session with the innovation team in Baltimore.

Prototyping Workshop

Prototyping Workshop

My Approach to Mobile Usability Testing

My Approach to Mobile Usability Testing