The Enterprise Digital team will create a best in class lead generation experience that will simply and efficiently capture email information from our new and existing customers


align the physical and the digital journeys to create a seamless experience across multiple channels. With mobile in mind, we will strive to build a meaningful widget that is engaging, personalized, intuitive and efficient for our customers to learn more about our products and provide security for their financial futures.. Cross divisional collaboration is key and we will create end to end customer journeys to improve our products, services and purchases.

My Role
- Project Discovery
- Stakeholder Interviews
User Research
- Experience Mapping
White board/Ideation sessions 
User Flows
- Mobile Prototyping

Interaction Design
- User Testing

Teams Involved
- Experience Lead (Myself)
- Content
- Innovation Team
- Visual Design 
- Customer Service

- Security
- Legal 

Tools and Software 
- Google Consumer Surveys
- Omni-Graffle
- Mobile Sketch Template
- Pop App



- Competitive analysis
- Current Experience
- Analytics 
- Omni Channel Approach. 2 diagrams
We have to design experiences for all touch points across all channels


- Customer Types
New Customer
Existing Customer

Design and Testing (Iterative)


- Due to change initiatives in the organization we moved our focus to the Term Life Insurance experience. We took a lean iterative approach as the prototype was already in place in a mid fidelity.

Term Life Insurance Experience

- Validation Testing
- feedback
- Design adjustments based on feedback


- Validated Term Life  quote experience that can be translated to any platform (Native through to responsive)